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The Personal Injuries Assessment Board or PIAB was first introduced in 2003 to aid individuals who wish to claim compensation for an injury without going to Court.

The majority of all applications for compensation must begin in the Personal Injuries Board, however there are some exceptions.

PIAB will assess your claim for compensation based on the documentation submitted from the injured party (you) and their doctor. Our experienced solicitors can prepare this paperwork with you and have your claim submitted as quickly and easily as possible, taking away any unnecessary stress during this difficult time.

Once the claim is filed with PIAB they will contact the respondent (the person against whom the claim is being made) and the respondent will have 90 days to consent to the PIAB assessment.

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Making a claim

If the respondent fails to get in touch within this timeframe a consent will automatically be granted by PIAB and the claim will proceed as normal. If the respondent does not consent to an assessment by PIAB then an authorisation will be granted by PIAB in order for the claim to be progressed in court.

Our experienced personal injury solicitors will know exactly what to do in this case and will ensure your claim is progressed smoothly in court and that you receive a fair settlement for your injuries, but they will also look after the recouping of any financial losses you may have incurred as a result of the injury. If consent has been received for the PIAB assessment then the claim will be evaluated.

This may involve visiting a medical practitioner to assess the extent of the injuries, but this is completely normal and nothing to be worried about. A value will be put on the claim taking into account the severity of the injury sustained and also any “special damages” such as loss of earnings, medical expenses or travel expenses etc.

If you are unhappy with the award made by the Personal Injuries Board you do have the choice to reject the assessment made and continue with the claim in Court.

A solicitor is invaluable in advising you at this time, particularly as the awards made by the Personal Injuries Assessment Board are often not a true reflection of the injuries you may have suffered.

Difficulties / Restrictions with PIAB Claims

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board does not assess for Medical Negligence Claims. It can also refuse to deal with claims due to the following:

  • The complexity of the claim
  • The injuries sustained involve an element of psychological damage
  • Aggravated or exemplary damages are sought
  • An early trial is needed

(a full list is available in the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act, section 17)

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